Damavand hiking Tour
Damavand stands out as resting, only slightly fuming volcano about 70 km east-north-east of Tehran, south of the Caspian Sea, 5,670 m high on and dominates all the surrounding mountains.  
Damavand is the highest mountain of Iran and the entire Middle East and next to the Kilimanjaro one of the highest freestanding mountains in the world. The difference in height from the foot of the mountain to the summit is up to 4,700 meters, significantly more than the Mount Everest.


On all sides of the even lava dome there are routes that lead usually not difficult, over boulders and sand, partly also in climbing to the summit.
The best known and most committed way is the route from the south: From the last village, Reyneh (also called "camp 1"), can be reached via driving roads to Gūsfandsara ("Camp 2"). From here a path that leads up to the new hut Bargah-e-Sewom (approx. 4180 m - "Camp 3") - slightly above the old, bunker-like building - with accommodation and water point. Here normally you spend the night before on the next day early morning in the darkness you start to the summit; the last piece has no technical difficulties, but ultimately there is only 1,500 meters above sea level steady walking on narrow paths of debris.

In the upper part of the mountain crossing sandy slopes with numerous small holes in the ground, from which ascend sulphur gases. With a little luck you can climb the Damāvand in August without any snow and ice contact; but normally you should be prepared that the summit is not free of ice. Whoever is in the darkness at the top, can marvel at the lights of Tehran on the horizon.

Reinhold Messner in 1970 in an experiment to climb the Damāvand in winter, failed due to adverse weather conditions; so you realize that the Damāvand despite the lack of technical difficulties and is not an easy hiking a mountain, but a great physical condition and high-altitude challenge.

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